Odeur - A/W 2015

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This year Swedish brand Odeur presented the A/W 2015 collection under the name Opposite/Me on MBFW Berlin. Apart from smelling good, their collections look good, as well. The A/W 2015 collection showcased designers Hollström and Lauseger’s ability to develop an organic flow in their garments, and focus on functionality and minimalism . The collection, which seemed to be rooted in androgyny, featured standout pieces like a sleek, stark white structured coat, layered over a sheer white skirt. The play between masculine and feminine, simple and surreal, managed to seep into almost every look, creating a soft and dreamlike assemblage that still retained its sharp edges. While they stayed loyal to the monochrome palette, there were a few printed fabrics that nicely fit into the rest of the collection. And... all this combined with simple cut pieces, definitely made a stand up on fashion week.


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