Oguz Baykal - "Neo-Apostles" S/S 2013

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Today's post is about young talented designer from Istanbul (Turkey).  Oguz Baykal received his first BA degree in English Language Teaching, and after that  he started studies of Fashion Design and Technologies in Istanbul Moda Academy. He did several internships in famous Turkish designers. Apart from that Oguz likes to combine his love for life with art, traditions and technologies.  His collection for Spring/Summer 2013 under name "Neo-Apostles" is his graduation collection and it was presented on Istanbul fashion Week S/S 2013.  Young designer found inspiration in old traditions, habits, perception and mix it with religion and modern. He says "The way of how we percept it, how we practice it and even where we practice it. With this information, this collection questions our new developing perceptions towards religion in every angle."

References: Oguz Baykal FB and NJaL



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