Ivan Grundahl - A/W 2013-14

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Finally I found a bit of a "space" to post collection of those unique designs. Yes I know it was presented few months ago on Copenhagen fashion week (CFW), but hey... for good things it's never too late. Creator is Ivan Grundahl, which is very well known name in Scandinavian countries. Also Grundahl is known for his edgy, uniquely cut jackets, skirts, pants and dresses; mix of fabrics, knit, and leather with enormous pocket-bags; asymmetrical lines, uneven silhouettes, and the clean-cut architectural shapes. They are sculpted with generous lines and frivolous ruffles showcasing balance, harmony, and freedom of movement. With color palette designer mostly kept to his static in black and gray and added some military shades of green.

References and full collection: Copenhagen fashion week



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