A Tentative Atelier - "The Solemnist" n/1 collection

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Based in between Hong Kong and United Kingdom, A Tentative Atelier aims to explore artistic handicraft elements and innovative forms and silhouettes on garments. The collection evolves a contemporary sense of luxury and each piece of clothing has its own identity. Creating a unisex, timeless look that is defining the coexistent generation for both masculine and feminine wardrobes.
n/1 collection, The Solemnist is portrayed as a poetic story inspired from an old man. The old man who has gone through war and he was solemn and refrained from talking. The messages from his old diary, pictures and clothes are implied in his memories. Whole collection is combination of  natural fabrics such as leather, washed silk, linen, cotton, wool and cashmere in colors of black, white, grey, beige and bloody red.

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