Short vacation...

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Hello people! Just to let you know I am going on short vacation (starting today), so blog will be off-regular schedule until I am back. I will try to update it whenever I can.

Have a great time!

Zam Barrett - Fall 2014

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One more name in the line of great designers for sure is Jamaican designer - Zam Barrett. Carefully selected natural materials combined with inspirations designer constant draws from his life and creating "items made for human beings, by human beings". The whole philosophy is what's making it unique and special. Zam Barrett Dialogue is a continuous process of creation and refinement of ideas, which are born in part from communication between creators and clients as the end users of the products. Not so long ago they released preview of collection for fall 2014. Enjoy!

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Pirosmani - "Stendhal syndrome" A/W 2014-15

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During Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia, Jenya Malygina presented Pirosmani new collection for upcoming fall season of 2014-15. Original and eye-catching as usual, designer is following her own style. Collection under the name "Stendhal syndrome" suits it well. Specific type of beauty and confusion combined with free spirit of wearer and all that in post-apocalyptic style. As trademark, of course, hats were the main detail of collection.

References: Pirosmani

CODED_EDGE - A/W 2014-15

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Presented at Belgrade Fashion Week,  Coded_Edge's collection for A/W 2014-15 left huge and amazing impression on Serbian crowd. Each season young designer Silvio is adding unique elements to his signature of dark aesthetic visions. Dark and mysterious, easy wearable, combination of materials, cuts that follows line of the body, turtle necks and hoods, platform footwear and great handmade jewelry and bags became an equal part of the collection, perfectly blended with the dark, but very wearable creations that will surely find their fashion crowd. 

References: Coded_Edge

Janis Sne - "Self Destruct" collection

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"If you have a perfect picture in mind of how things are supposed to be, the chances you would be disappointed at the result are 99%. We do not live in perfect world!
We are born unique, but most die as ordinary. I guess every people come to the point in their lives where they want to stand up for their rights, values and vission.  Once you realize it, you look to the world and people around from different point of  view! The turning point for me was when I understood that the system is pushing me to do the things according to the rules. I felt that I am loosing myself to the system. I had to stop, rethink and take control over what I really want - to be the creator, not the product of the environment. Art is the only way to escape the system. It gives you moments of freedom!
These moments do inspire to push further, not to lose that young kid, who wants to change the world to be a better place. That's why my works deep inside are agressive, futuristic  and in some way - screaming for revolution and changes!
I did not choose fashion. Fashion chose me!"

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