Demobaza - S/S 2018 | demoman

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Second part of DEMOBAZA collection for Spring/Summer 2018 entitled 'REUNION' dedicated to urban nomad and world of tomorrow!

Demobaza - S/S 2018 | demowoman

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Check out the newest collection of Bulgarian brand DEMOBAZA for Spring/Summer 2018 entitled 'REUNION'.

Gareth Pugh - S/S 2018

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Instead of a traditional runway presentation, Gareth Pugh unveiled a film to introduce a stunning collection in the colors of red, black and gold.
Working with storied photographer Nick Knight as director, choreographer Wayne McGregor, and artist Olivier de Sagazan, Pugh presented a sense of disgust and loathing, fear, madness and horror. Despite the bizarre presentation fashion film has a lot of hidden emotions.

“Behind all of the collections from all the great designers there is an emotion and a message, and Gareth wanted to make an emotional film,” he said. “I didn’t want to make a fashion film; I wanted to make something that went a lot deeper,” Pugh agreed.

This movie is just more forward-looking than just regular fashion presentation.
“I don’t think the catwalk system is sustainable. It’s too expensive, and happens too frequently,” he said. “The internet has changed everything. You can’t just keep flying people around the world, from one venue to another just to get them to see your show. I think all the designers are frustrated by that, and I think all of the possibilities that film allows are really, really exciting to a designer.”

Scroll down to check the film, as well as the marvelous collection.

Photo source: Vogue


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COMPLEMENTAIR is a young brand that was founded in Shenzhen, China in 2016. Young or not, they have a lot of potential and creative ideas to share. COMPLEMENTAIR is an ideologically visual art-based brand combined with alternative luxury concept, featuring neutrality, sexual attraction, and individuation. The brand prolongs the famed structuralism designing style, fusing utter masculine and utter feminine elements to blur the boundaries between man and woman in order to focus on the original relations between clothing and human body. Mixing high fashion and street fashion, function and decoration so as to break through the traditional clothing design, it reshapes the complete simple designing style of being white or black.