by H. - Fall 2014 - lookbook III

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Founded in March 2013 by H. focuses on creating avant-garde inspired design that is not driven by trend. They make functional, season-less as well as unisex clothing by following a minimalist approach. The color theme of the garments is always very subtle and neutral. by H. aim is to create unique and affordable everyday wear.

References: by H.

[EYES & SINS] - "PROTOTYPE-ZERO / 零式" A/W 2014

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[EYES & SINS] production line launched its first collection PROTOTYPE-ZERO / 零式 focusing on materializating conceptual designs and utilization of military clothing as a basis for deconstruction. Each item is experimented for correspondence in order to allow interchangeability and creative layering by wearer.

"By addressing the adaptability of military maneuvers necessitated in different environments, our militaristic array of garments imitates the creation of “original prototypes” and its process. Prototype-Zero emerged just yet an initialization activated by deconstruction and should continue to progress and substantially formalize our concepts into reality."

Product Design : Beefthang / Howl
Photos : No.where.ashes
Model : Beefthang

References: [EYES & SINS]

Cy Choi - S/S 2015

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One more post following Seoul Fashion Week is reserved for Cy Choi presentation of collection for season of Spring/Summer 2015. This time Korean designer brought spikes, zipper and grunge look on whole new level. The collection is mix of styles. From classic cuts that are following the line of silhouette to sporty urban style combined with biker jackets and spiced up with a lot of spikes, zippers and leather. Choi has created amazing monochrome wearable collection worth of any attention.

Photo credit: FuckingYoung
References: Cy Choi

Byungmun Seo - S/S 2015

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Another great designer and great collection for Spring/Summer 2015 was presented at Seoul Fashion Week. This time - Byungmun Seo (서병문). Collection under name "The rebels at the dawn of new era - The end is another beginning" is combination of different cuts, garments, materials, mix of symmetrical and asymmetrical, as well as styles in order to create hybrid uniform. Monochromatic collection varies from elegant to urban wear, making it a timeless.

References: Byungmun Seo

VLADES - "New Assassin" S/S 2015

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Seoul Fashion Week this year presented many talented designers and a lot of amazing collections. Avant-garde brand VLADES by Moo-Yeol Choi (최무열) presented collection for Spring/Summer 2015 under name "New Assassin". The designer's monochrome collection mainly focuses on silhouette and details to pursue the perfect outfit. "It's about modernizing the image of the samurais and ninjas lived in the past, and making the style more trendy and Bohemian. That's why this season, the concept is "New Assassin".

Photo credit: SYOFF magazine
Video credit: TrendyTV