Erevos Aether - "Wake the Serpent Not" A/W 2014-15

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When we talk about futuristic, explicit, unique, cyber, experimental and artistic style of fashion, Erevos Aether is the name that you need to know. Label was launched in 2011, and since then presents a challenging vision for the future. Erevos Aether design philosophy is interplay between perennial opposites, good and evil, decent and decadence, matter and antimatter. Each collection has its own story to tell, a vision to show... and collection for Fall/Winter 2014-15 is hidden behind the words of great English poet:

"Wake the Serpent Not"

Wake the serpent not -- lest he
Should not know the way to go, --
Let him crawl which yet lies sleeping
Through the deep grass of the meadow!
Not a bee shall hear him creeping,
Not a may-fly shall awaken
From its cradling blue-bell shaken,
Not the starlight as he's sliding
Through the grass with silent gliding.

Percy Bysshe Shelley

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