DZHUS - "Archaea" S/S 2018

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Irina Dzhus is back with new collection entitled “ARCHAEA”.  The Spring/Summer 2018 collection tells us the story of the designer’s secret passion: palaeontology.

The SS18 collection is conceptual cut of the multifunctional transformer garments that pays honour to fossils of ammonites and trilobites, evolution of charnia and arthropleura, long-gone Carbon and Ordovician.
These zoomorphic silhouettes and geologic textures of the “Archaea” collection are combined with the scientific avant-garde of late 19th – early 20th centuries, appealing to the Victorian aesthetics as well as laboratory uniforms.

DZHUS’ newest collection features a variety of edgy yet exquisite textiles and finishes, accentuating the technological background of their design.



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