DEMOBAZA - "Message from the light" S/S 2015

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This year Demobaza first presented female clothing line for season of Spring/Summer 2015. The story obviously continues from previous collection and it's presenting a strong female figure, a traveler on it's mission. Collection is made mostly of sheer, lightweight and natural materials in earth color palette.

Full collection: DEMOBAZA

Sosnovska - S/S 2015

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"Swaying sullenly in long corridors, muted shadows stand still, embracing a reflective momentum.
The formerly unnoticed subtly becomes relevant. Henceforth, a thought provoking process is ignited, bouncing ideas of the contours of a solemn void. This is a space filled with sensory interaction towards light, sounds, deep emotions and future phenomena. SOSNOVSKA aims to provide order in the darkness by merging surreal emotions with dedicated functionality."

References: Sosnovska

O B S C U R - S/S 2015

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Swedish brand Obscur every year surpass themselves. Collection for Spring/Summer 2015 is simple amazing. Laser cut cotton/linen pieces combined with calf leather, backpacks, zip shoes, bomber jackets... all that and much more  styled with perfection of Swedish minimalism. It cannot be any better. So just keep enjoying!

References: Obscur

Cedric Jacquemyn - S/S 2015 "To the depts of the last reserve", pt II

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Belgian designer is taking us on one unusual journey, in the depths of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. "Illustrating his interest in the contradictory forces of disappearance and preservation, Cedric Jacquemyn's new collection references the uncontacted tribes of the Amazon, particularly the ones around the Rondônia region of Brazil. Ignoring the standardized discourse of globalization and remaining untouched by its ruthless logics, these tribes are nevertheless threatened by industries and deforestation, becoming extinct and bound to wither away."
Combining knitwear,leather and organic material, Cedric Jacquemyn designed experimental and urban collection at the same time. Designer created the tension between knowledge and innocence in forms, with its focus on intricate tailoring and textural contrasts.

References: Cedric Jacquemyn

Julius - [ p r i s m ; ] S/S 2015

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End of June, on Paris Fashion Week, Tatsuro Horikawa presented Julius new collection for Spring/Summer 2015. Known by his full monochromatic collections with highly futuristic touch, Mr. Horikawa always finds way to impress us even more.  This year designer set light to be the motif for S/S 2015 collection.
"The reflection of a bent light inside a polyhedron, generating an image of a single object whilst dispersing. Anatomy composed by polygon construction. Film, rubber, metallic and inorganic matter, sharp cutaneous sensation, texture."   [ p r i s m ; ]
Referring to fetishism and combining it with underground cyberpunk style, worn by army of androids... ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelt. We're sending you back to the future!

References: Eclectic-Society, Julius