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Israeli label OMTURA is handcrafted leather goods designed by Anton Edelshtein. Using inspirations from varying sources, particularly the spiritual source of shamanism and more contemporary sources of urbanism and futurism, Edelshtein has found himself with a characteristic style of industrialistic minimalism that focuses intently on the craftsmanship of pieces. In order to create pieces that recharacterize accessories and how they are perceived as secondary to clothing, Edelshtein uses fine leathers and metalwork to construct bags of unparalleled dimensions. With special emphasis to details, each OMTURA bag is unique and crafted with great functionality.

Reference: OMTURA


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SOSNOVSKA once more showed her perfection in forming minimalist design. This menswear avant-garde fashion brand is always focused on esthetic vision and high quality production. Each element in garments is created with balanced and deep sense and performed with a meticulous attitude for visible and hidden details. A selection of modern, opulent materials, allows for lush finishings and a composed strong silhouette. Only absolute discipline, focus on the internal process and respect for craftsmanship, provokes correct movement to the result.

Reference: SOSNOVSKA

Florian Wowretzko - "Utrenja" A/W 2015

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'Black on Black' is the immediate reaction of German born London based menswear designer Florian Wowretzko's Autumn Winter collection ‘Utrenja’. On a closer look, religious symbolism and geometric details are visible. Inspired by Krzysztof Penderecki's Utrenja  ,The Entombment of Christ' & ,The Resurrection of Christ' from the 1970’s are here clearly recognizable influences: The Orthodox cleric and the global religious conflict. Florian works as usual autobiographical. His interest in religion be paired with a little horror mood as in past collections are here present again. The cut determines the overall silhouette: tailored & oversized, geometric angles and clean lines, layers & squares. Wowretzko uses the cut of ancient cleric uniforms as the scapular, chasuble, flowing robes and the burka. The result is modern ‘paneling' with freedom of movement & elegance.

Reference: Florian Wowretzko

Daniel Andresen - A/W 2015-16

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Daniel Andresen studied at Antwerp's internationally acclaimed institute, The Royal Academy of Fine Arts. After graduating with a masters degree, Andresen decided to explore his fascination with knitwear, combining natural yarns and textiles with supple leathers. A desire to expand on his knowledge of this niche industry, led to Andresens return to Belgium. Here, he undertook an internship with Sigi and Hilde Frunt, one of Belgium's most respected knitwear artisans.  In 2010, he launched his eponymous label.
Andresen's work is inspired by subgenres of rock music, sci-fi and post-apocalyptic action films and sports, but it also carries a lot of elements from numerous travels like the serenity of the sea and the creepiness of the desert. Each of his collection is story for itself, but it carries designer's life experience through it.
Complex with humble appearance.

Models: Lea at Be Model Management and Peter Anderson
Photography by: Julien Boudet - Bleu Mode
Shot on location in Antwerp, Belgium, 2015.

Photo credit: Daniel Andresen


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Today's blog post will be just a small update. I already done presentation of A/W 2015 collection here. But, simply, I cannot ignore fact that A New Cross released an amazing lookbook, that reveals various styles and combination, as well as the looks of their newest collection.

MODEL Chris Murillo Isaza
PH Gama Diego
SPECIAL THANKS Santiago Tejada Correa
Full collection: A NEW CROSS