Collateral Concepts - 4th Iteration

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Collateral Concepts is a product of continued experimentation. Each piece is made to evoke emotions and make wearer think. Made of rare fabrics, materials, and with classic garment construction, to the final product; their designs are telling stories.

Albert Huang - founder and head designer of Collateral Concepts. The line was born out of his constant personal pursuit to create and learn. Completely self taught, Albert continues to experiment with precious metals, leathers, fabric treatments and the complexities of patterning. His approach to design is from that of one in the medical field and with a strong background in research. All pieces are handmade by the designer himself.

"We create works that are culminations of personal experience, understanding of the human form, and intense research. Following the scientific method, each piece is developed through testing and retesting of an initial idea until the final form matches what is envisioned. At the same time, we create works that fit the human form naturally; exercising our intimate understanding of human anatomy and movement."


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