Vacation 15-30th August

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Hey guys, just to let you know that due to vacation (15-30th august) I won’t be able to update my blog that often but I’ll give my best. Stay tuned and see you around.


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Brute emerges from the desire to fuse cutting edge technologies with traditional techniques to tell captivating, eerie stories through ornamental body appendages. Fabulating through nature, architecture and kinetics a formal language materializes that deranges the wearer's silhouette in an unprecedented way. Brute creates bold, unapologetically intricate, unique accessories for men and women. All pieces are manufactured in New York.
References: BRUTE New York


MIA Manufacture - "Geo" collection

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Based in Poland, young designer Anna is name behind label M.I.A. Inspired by feminine strength and warmth, clarity and softness, unconventionality and emotionality, spontaneity and practicality, their aim is to reflect the personality of modern women, to form a comfortable, practical yet dynamic and expressive designs.

References: MiaManufacture


Boris Bidjan Saberi - "Sailorism" S/S 2014

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During Paris Fashion Week, German designer Boris Bidjan Saberi presented collection for Spring/Summer 2014. This time designer breaks steretype that he kept for years by, actually adding color - Sunny Yellow. The latest collection was inspired by the Sea, so the whole palette of colors and mix of materials perfectly fits. Also, this time Saberi created something more simple and easy-going. All in all, we have no choice but to wait for next season and all those desirable designs.
References:  Boris Bidjan Saberi


Florian Wowretzko - "Burnout" S/S 2014

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Florian Wowretzko - name of young German designer that in last few weeks swing my reality. With his dynamic, all those layers, contrasts, combined materials and ripped tops, for sure it looks like it's time of post apocalypse... hence the name of collection "Burnout". He explains that his idea was exactly "destroyed land or city, something after a war or a apocalypse."  For this Spring/Summer collection Wowretzko was also inspired by old Egypt and desert from that time, 'creating' dirt and dust and making "after the storm" look.  Check for yourself and safe journey.

References: Florian Wowretzko


Xconcept - A/W 2013-14

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Based in Italy, Xconcept is small team of people that are believing in the future,  strong personality and original aesthetic sensibility. Black, white and grey color represents their style. Raw, layered, natural, comfy, asymmetrical and combination of materials and shapes also come along. They say "xconcept is made for those who are different, not for those who want to be different."
References: Xconcept fashion