LUI HON - "Waters will run, rivers will turn" A/W 2016

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LUI HON is a story - a harmony - a philosophy written by each collection. Coherent and connected, each garment follows a sleek simple design built from complex and masterful construction.
Timeless and functional, the designs are structurally strong, technically faultless, and texturally intriguing. They project the beauty of the feminine and, combined with each design's strength, brings out the masculinity in a woman.

Check out the newest collection for A/W 2016 entitled "Waters will run, rivers will turn."

Source: Lui Hon



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Check out the S/S 2017 collection of SOSNOVSKA brand, inspired by the aesthetic of avant-garde style.
"Everything has its aesthetic principle, each line is filled with its meaning and function, every detail has its soul. Everything is interconnected: thought, action, result. Only the truth can be true, and has its continuation in reality. It reflects the general idea of the collection. It represents a modern resident of a metropolis, which expressed in their views and creative mood. However, they are close to nature and respect unique things. They derive their vitality and inspiration from surrounding. Their appearance reflects genuine inner world.”

Elliott Evan's fashion film “Howard’s Distress” A/W 2016

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The L.A.-based designer Elliott Evan, released a fashion film “Howard’s Distress.” The nostalgic film tells a story of a band of brothers having the best weekend ever, as told from the memory of an aging man.  For FW 2016 designer plays with various fabrics; leather outerwear, the epitome of masculinity, was fur-lined and laden with zippered hardware, while the draped muscle shirts lost their gym-like associations and came across as delicate design. And on the top of all that there is the ultra amazing backpack in the shape of a skeleton! 


Misomber Nuan - [Memory Of An Imagined Place] S/S 2017

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"I have a long time
to consider
the value of memory.

And the idea that
just because something
that doesn't last forever,
do not mean
its worth is diminished "

Photography: Ijio Studio
Model: Yurij Romanenko
Source: Misomber Nuan

Julius - [ Knives ; ] S/S 2017

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Check out JULIUS latest collection for S/S 2017 entitled [ Knives ; ] with a special live performance by techno/dark-wave pioneer Downwards records artists: Kerridge and Autumns, presented during PFW.

"I feel there are many different elements inside myself that contribute to the creation of a collection. I create the collection when these differing elements accumulate to such a point that they form into one exceptional vision or idea. "

Images: Julius 

Ann Demeulemeester - "I AM RED WITH LOVE" S/S 2017

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When I saw this collection, first association  was "Rebel rebel," a song by David Bowie! Rebelious love, and a red detailed collection by Ann Demeulemeester, was for sure an eye-catching during Paris fashion Week.
“Love is a colorful emotion for me. And we can say also I am black with love. But we blush and we become a bit red when we are in love, so there is all of that. I wanted to give something that was a bit shy—emotion, charming emotion.”

Full collection: