Tsolo Munkh - S/S 2016

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Tsolo Munkh , name that is climbing up on my list of favorites. Recently she revealed collection for S/S 2016. Lightweight natural materials are hand dyed, combined with embroidery and crease of recovered materials. Tsolo tends to use ample volumes to contrast with the cuts’ fluidity. Creative projects of the Mongolian designer are heavily influenced by, her own, Mongolian tradition, as well as by Buddhist elements. The designer finds the inspiration in every pattern of the world that surrounds her.

Reference: Tsolo Munkh

Sid Neigum - S/S 2016

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Sid Neigum - a conceptual womenswear label merging the mathematical and the artisanal, the maximal and the minimal. Born in Alberta and based in Toronto, Sid Neigum was educated at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and interned at Yigal Azrouël.
Recently, this young, interdisciplinary and creative mind presented collection for S/S 2016 at Toronto Fashion Week, pointing out the perfection of minimalism. By using the premium Italian fabrics, the designer creates light layered and flowy structured pieces in the colours of white, black, blue and green. Most noticeable piece, for sure, was laser cut origami petals vest.
The overall impression was like looking at the contemporary art piece and seeking out the patterns to bring them to life.

Photo: WMCFW

Junya Watanabe - S/S 2016

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While some criticize, others adore newest collection of Junya Watanabe presented in the National Museum of Immigration History in Paris. Well, one thing is for sure... there's a lot going on in his latest presentation. Collection for SS 16 contains various elements of Vorticism and African tribes, and what not.
Wide-cut dresses are made of lightweight material with patterns of nature and animals, as well as patches in the colors typical of African tribes. To fulfill the look, the designer styled them with shiny geometric accessories all over. Most mesmerizing detail in this contemporary art collection are large geometric hats and faces of models decorated with pale flesh–color globules, mimicking tribal scarification marks.

Full collection: Vogue

ESDE Bags - "SELEKTION I" collection

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"We are devoted disciples of experience," said Ronny Schröder, designer of ESDE Bags while talking about himself and his team.  ESDE creates leather goods with a lot of unconditional love for true craftsmanship and a strong belief in a creative process that does not necessarily adhere to forced modernity or differentness.
"We believe that the best does not have to follow a trend. Everything that leaves our workshop has lived, worked and breathed. It takes devotion, diligence and focus to produce something unique and lasting. The fully automated industrial society may besiege us with gadgets that simplify production – but at the end of this cycle, one gets easily replaceable goods without any particular value. We decided to make it a bit more difficult for us. That is why our leather goes through a six-step production process that almost entirely does without electricity. Every stitching, every detail is handmade – by the same two hands, to be precise. Our limited collections are not a cunning marketing scheme, but an inevitable necessity."
While reduces common styles to their essence, end results is a contemporary design which draws its modernity from its eclecticism. Unpretentious, functional Couture products. Timeless pieces that are becoming one with its owner, creating very own story and experience.

Reference: ESDE Bags


KOFTA - "ARXI" S/S 2016

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"ARXI"  is the name of KOFTA's collection for S/S 2016, inspired by the forms of nature in order to create a perfect balance. Seashells, for instance, are one of the natural forms whose functions are simple enough to be approximated by a simple mathematical relationship. Natural forms and curves are applicable to human architectures. In this case - Baroque architecture; used as an inspiration where regular designs gave way to curves, dramatic shapes and decoration was transferred to sculptural leather of Kofta pieces to evoke sensual delight...

Reference: KOFTA

Susa Kreuzberger (mwtm) - "DE-CONSTRUCTION" A/W 2016

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Summer is long gone and we are ready for layers, cardigans, wraps and what so not. Therefore, Austrian designer, Susa Kreuzberger released new collection under the name "DE-CONSTRUCTION" in base of black with addition of cold (denim) blue. Independent of any seasonal trends, Kreuzberger tends to create clothing as an extension and supplementation of the body sculpture. "Variation and deconstruction of patterns as well as playing with the structure of fabrics are my tool to reshape the body/physics."

Reference: Susa Kreuzberger

Yohji Yamamoto - S/S 2016

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Black. Minimal. Draping. Layering. Wrapping. Corsets. Old. Modern. European. Asian... Repeat.
Everything is evolving, so does the Yamamoto and his designs. "I hate old Yohji," said the designer after his SS16 show presentation. Obviously he doesn't look back on his old work, in fact pushing forward till that extent by combining cut-out hoop skirts with sneakers.
In shades of mysterious black and vibrant red, Yohji Yamamoto played on trending to GoPro... because, why not?

Photo credit: Fashionising