FEHER - "Enough!" collection

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Marko Potkozarac Feher is a Fashion and Textile Design student at the College of Technology at University of Banja Luka. The first introduction of his extraordinary talent was in front of the numerous audience of the most visited music festival in BiH “Jelen Demofest “, through the collaboration with the vocalist of the band “ Vanja The Frog”, the young Vanja Misic.
Inspiration for "Enough!" collection was the current situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the rest of the world where are still political unrest. The collection represents rebellion, youth, change, and the dark side of the problem, and shades of gray that represent a chance to fix the problem in to the brightness. The collection is an androgen and made of natural materials. Marko Feher wanted to present a change, revolt on the runway show, it happened on May 31st this year Nivea BH Fashion Week Sarajevo, where Marko won first place in the competition "Perwoll - New Generetion”, among more than 200 competitors. During the show in background played music bosnian band "Dubioza Kolektiv" with the song "Shut Up and suck It up” (lyrics criticize the political situation in Bosnia, original title: “Šuti I trpi”).

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