KTZ - S/S 2014

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Following the success of Marjan Pejoski’s self-titled label, KTZ began as the in-house brand of his and Sasko Bezovski’s Kokon To Zai boutiques. Pejoski graduated in fashion design from Central St Martins University, and Bezovski had spent much of the 80’s travelling the world with his music, and establishing his umbrella of retail stores ‘Kokon to Zai’ in London and Paris.
The KTZ brand which followed was strongly influenced by the pairs extensive travels, playing with urban and indigenous silhouettes, as well as a strong emphasis on symbols, icons and pattern.
In collection for S/S 2014 designers were strongly inspired by traditional Middle Easterns style and combined with a lot of layers, spikes, leather, sharp cuts and oversized jewelry.

Full collection and references: KTZ


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