Rick Owens - "Vicious" S/S 2014

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Minimalism combine with sporty look and all spiced with metal music... Yes, you guessed right - Rick Owens presentation of Spring/Summer 2014 collection in Paris. "Vicious" is name of his S/S14 collection. How RO army walks around you cannot not to notice that they have taste of street punk style combined with sporty touch. Black color with hints of navy blue and white throughout, shaved heads and long hair, leather, sheer, layers and all combined with sporty footwear (Adidas collaboration) to get whole collection futuristic and unusual touch. That's where Estonian band Winny Puhh fits. Owens said "Estonian is like a lunar language, it’s so alien, so wonderful - especially the way he screeches it. I was hoping it would be alien. I saw them on the internet, they were on the last Eurovision which I love, they’re from Estonia, and they’re just awesome aren’t they?"
I say to see for yourself and check do you like it. :) I even added video. Have fun!

Full collection: Style.com



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