InAisce - "Seeking Aether" collection - A/W 2013-14

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By presenting new collection, InAisce is taking us on one spiritual journey.  Mixing worlds of ancient past and distant future. As before and also for this season Jona continues to display his talent for bold silhouettes and rich textures, which are tailored brilliantly from diverse materials. Although the line is fundamentally menswear, the garments transition fluently into a unisex capacity, conveying both masculine stoicism and feminine elegance. Jona explains "The Fall/Winter 2013-14 Collection, Seeking Aether, explores the sense of exile felt by the human heart. It is a study of the quest for belonging and purpose despite the fog of mystery shrouding over our origins, and an expression of hope for eventual homecoming... The collection is represented in the lookbook by Ger Duany, a South Sudanese refugee whose own journey of exile from--and return to--his homeland is a tangible illustration of the larger theme."

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