SHNB [ShiNoBi] - Collection 2013

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A covert agent or mercenary in feudal Japan who was specialized in unorthodox warfare was known under name Shinobi (ninja). Also known for their great skills and simple, plain and lightweight clothing they have inspired two artists and fashion designers, Mike and Julia Zubik. In 2010 Russian designers created brand under name SHNB [ShiNoBi]. I made small interview with Mike and Julia on the occasion of the presentation of their new collection for 2013.

1. Can you tell us a bit about your background, how did the label “SHNB” originate?

Before creating a brand Julia and me performed in expressive live paintings. At some point we came with an idea of creating a theatrical costume show. We started developing the idea and were so happy with the result that decided to move on and do it for living. That’s how our brand was created along with the first clothes prototypes.     

2. How did you come up with the idea to combine something Asian, simple and minimalistic with futuristic details?

I used to be a sci-fi concept artist and it influences everything I've been doing. Asian culture provides an immense inspiration for the concept artists. We work hard, growing up constantly, but Asian concepts with futuristic details are still the fundamentals of our style.  --- continue

3. How would you describe your work?

The job became essential part of my life, vital. Me and Julia we all do together — from designing new clothes to supporting our online store, talking with clients, new stores — it’s an unbelievable amount of work. Throughout the day we need to handle tons of completely different things, switching from one to another. 

4. Previous collection inspiration was Major Motoko Kusanagi, character from Ghost in the Shell. What was the main inspiration for your new collection?

Yes, it was capsule collection that I made being inspired by anime characters. I developed the Mecha design under the inspiration of “Japanese battle suits design”, which also gave it a name. This work I dedicated to my past, my hobbies. I can definitely say it wasn't the last time I worked with Mecha.
When I was creating a new collection my inspirations were misty mountains, monasteries and the old cities, which made me think of more relaxing, lightweight shapes. We used a not very typical fabric as opposed to what we commonly use and I glad that it turned out well. This is a new step for us.

5. You mentioned that you have a small studio in Turkey where you do produce your clothing... How do you select your fabrics and what is most important when choosing a fabric?

Fabric is a basement, a very important part. A lot depends on fabric, which is very crucial to know in advance. Like functionality. It is highly important to understand, when creating an everyday use clothes, in what conditions it is going to be used and what quality it has to be. The understanding a structure of a fabric is of same importance. Can this particular fabric keep the shape and the volume of your idea so that the clothes looks exactly how you wanted it?

6. What we can expect from the future of SHNB?

We are in a constant growth. Hard to say what’s gonna happen in the future, but no matter what we are going to create, it will always be in our style — the spirit of Asia mixed with futuristic ideas.

Special thanks to: SHNB, SHNB Tumblr


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