Andra Handaric "Isihia – A Manifesto for the spirit"

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Andra Handaric studied Fine Arts in the University of Arts & Design Cluj Napoca and École Supérieure d'Art et Design Saint-Étienne. She graduated a BA in Fashion Design-Westminster University and completed an internship with Gareth Pugh. Since then, this Romanian designer keeps exploring and combining art and fashion. Her universe is built around a variety of archaic production techniques and values, emphasizing the contrast between clean structured cuts and rich textures.
On Feeric Fashion Days 2015, Andra Handaric presented collection "Isihia – A Manifesto for the spirit" that aims to emphasize the spiritual value that exists in a stark, monastic environment and takes inspiration from Eastern European monachal (monastic) clothing .

Reference: NJaL, Feeric


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