REKKAB - "Perspective and Perception" collection

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REKKAB was founded in 2012 in Melbourne, Australia. It is primarily a menswear label with the basics that are designed to be unisex and are fitted to both men and women. Collection "Perspective and Perception" focuses not just on the obvious ideas of linear, but also on how perceptions, perspective and their interreation to facts can shape our opinions on mental illnesses. For example,  idea that a male may wear a baggy pair of shorts however not a skirt or a singlet but not a dress proposes one perspective, however how would the wearer react if they were told the shorts looked like a skirt or the tank like a dress? This kind of evocative design was attempted throughout and was the entire aim of the collection. To challenge preconcieved ideas and make us reconsider views once facts were truly understood.

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