Area di Barbara Bologna - "Atelophobia" A/W 2013

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Atelophobia is name of Barbara Bologna's new collection for Fall/Winter 2013. Also it is the fear of not being good enough or imperfection. Atelophobia is classified as an anxiety disorder that can affect relationships and makes the person afflicted by atelophobia feel like everything they do is wrong.
"I saw a woman eating another being, in the most total perfection. ATELOPHOBIA's aversion to imperfection. I find it fascinating how a phobia can become a narcissism toward something, and bring perfection to cannibalism, act completely rude and imperfect, has forced me to see more deeply, trying to figure out where it might be this connection. I saw exactly where this connection is alive, it lies in uniting seemingly opposite elements thus creating a "personal" perfection. Creating a medicine for phobia. " explained Bologna.

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