Anniss - "The Beauty-Harmony-Power" A/W 2013-14 collection

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Anniss is a brand created by Anna Syczewska in 2011 in Krakow, Poland.  Collection for F/W 2013-14 under name "The Beauty-Harmony-Power" is inspired by protective and warning garments used for high-risk construction works.  She used certain elements  and transformed em into wearable accessories such as belts, bucklers, and fasteners. Safety devices such as metal mesh  are used in clothes for making pattern decoration for jackets, blouses and dresses. The color palette is simple - matte and glossy black, rust, beige, brown and plum.  The cuts are geometric, silhouettes are stright for both women and men. Anna's designs are elegant and original and above all, back to the future.

References: Not Just a Label


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