KOFTA - "Born" - S/S 2013

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Konstantin KOFTA - the local Kiev label, which is not influenced by world fashion trends. He studied at St. Martins college of art and design (London). At first glance Kofta combines image presentation and controversy, and at the same time, all goods are absolutely practical and wearable that makes them extraordinary objects not fitting canons and universally accepted principles of the fashion industry. Designer Konstantin Kofta focuses on the beauty and contemplation of which is not available to view through common frameworks and standards. Each local collection has been shown in the form of art installation, based on aesthetically presenting underground and avant-garde designer's decisions.
Collection for S/S 2013 comes under name "Born" and it's ispired by the existence of natural phenomena and natural transitions. It is this transition of materials and anatomy.
"Imagine water as the solemn foundation of our existence in our world ever so in turmoil. Touched by perennial elements, our water dries up and consequently deforms and destroys the ground, leaving behind patches of eradicated and polyhedral soil. Yet, with the death of one surface, others are born, allowing water to give meaning and energy to our continuous lifecycle."
References: KOFTA , NJaL


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