KOFTA - "Drama" A/W 2016

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KOFTA is a synonym for art. A visionary of its own kind, this Ukrainian designer uses rough skin, irregular shapes and unique scents in order to create atypical frameworks and standards in the world of fashion. KOFTA fuse unusual components to achieve distinctions referred to person's lifestyle rather than just to the wardrobe. With use of unique technologies of shaping leather (3D printing and sculpting) each of his collections appears as a form of art installation.

During Paris Fashion Week KOFTA has presented his collection for A/W 2016-17 entitled "Drama." 
The collection reflects the designers ongoing contemplation of the structures of the nature. Konstantin Kofta is trying to understand how natural forms and curves are applicable to human architecture and then transfers his thoughts to own designs by creating beautiful high-quality pieces that evoke sensual delight.
This contemplation moved him towards baroque architecture where regular forms gave way to curves, dramatic shapes and decoration. 


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