LaguzAlgiz - “Of Copper and Crystal” collection

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Lian Michel Zarecki is name behind amazing jewellery label LaguzAlgiz. Founded in 2015, Zarecki has spent years exploring before deciding to create their own name.

Having an affinity for minerals since the childhood, and gaining the inspiration from a personal life, fantasy novels and all the magical things, Zarecki decided to open the gates of own magical world and share the creations with the rest of us:
"I decided to bring this love of fantasy to my jewelry, to encourage everyone who ever wished they were magical to decorate themselves magically."

Specialized in Viking Knit (hand woven wire also known as Trichinopoly), the young designer try to incorporate this beautiful art of craftsmanship into their own work.
"I learn as I work and I sell my one of a kind items as I finish producing them. I go through phases of materials, exhausting them and moving onto something different. I love making one off’s inspired by some trinket I picked up at an Antique shop or working with friends to make them something they’ve always wanted to wear. And to create all that by just using hands and hammer is what creates the real magic. Each day a new inspiration, a new story."

Check out the LaguzAlgiz collection entitled “Of Copper and Crystal” that has a minimalist design approach with a pretty metal that doesn't get worn in its natural state as often as it should.



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