GALL - A/W 2015

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Italian label GALL refers to darkness (synonymous with hostility, venom, animosity, arrogance, and rancor). Things which we're all either affraid of, or have been through in life before.  But, GALL's philosophy is creativity and functionality. Creating garments that are structured and constructed to their highest degree.  GALL blends dynamic sillouettes with rare fabrics researched throughout Italy. 
For the collection A/W 2015, designers Justin and Chiara combine elements of past and present, and draw the inspiration from volcanoes Teide and Thera, and deserts of New Mexico. The result is a strong collection that 'plays' on quality and combination of various materials - black represents the darkness of the palette, while the use of defined abstract print brings forth some light to breathe.

Full collection: GALL


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