Marko FEHER - "Indestructible" A/W 2015

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Today, someone a bit closer to Serbian borders - talented Marko Potkozarac. Established in 2013 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, his label "Marko FEHER" is mainly futuristic and geometric oriented, and goes beyond borders of gender aspects. Marko finds inspiration in the history of old Yugoslavia and its monuments. "Indestructible" is name of FEHER new collection for A/W 2015:

  “The collection is inspired by indestructible people. These people are our parents, friends, boys, girls, brothers, sisters. Indestructible people are the ones who gave their lives for our freedom. Indestructible people are often women, even if society thinks of a man when they think of this word to describe someone.”

Reference: Marko FEHER


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