Tsolo Munkh - A/W 2014-15

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Mongolian designer Tsolmandakh Munkhuu a.k.a Tsolo Munkh returned to her roots and legends with new collection. Designer explains that she got on spiritual journey and drawn inspiration from visual and Buddhists images and combining 'em with art elements.

"Like a shamanic voyage across several lives, and that has multiple initiations, textile techniques evolve little by little.
The unusual felt, carded sheep’s wool stretching across a honeycombed leather structure, is wet and kneaded, becoming something new.
The leather and the woven wool, the fibres metamorphosed thanks to a game of folding, reveal astonishing poetic forms.
The volumes are made clear with an extreme stylisation. Certain pieces are reversible or able to be positioned at will. The coats are adorned with specific, sometimes oversized collars; the waistcoats bristle with strips of leather, the dresses come to life by their yokes and their cut. Leather is omnipresent.
Every detail counts, from the shoulder of a coat, to the knee of a trouser, topstitching which reveals a dragon. The myths and legends of Mongolia reappear. Transformations and metamorphoses show themselves to be primordial."

References: Tsolo Munkh


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