S A D A K - A/W 2012-13

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Saša Kovačević, Serbian-born designer studied at Kunsthochschule-Berlin and graduated in 2010. Currently living and working in Berlin, Germany. Saša picked name S A D A K, which is the ancient name for a traditional sleeveless jacket worn in some regions of the Balkans (Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece). It was considered as mandatory garment of women and men in the Balkans. SADAK holds a strong ethnographic tie to the traditional attire of Kovacevic's motherland of Serbia. The preserved magical meaning of sadak in its original oral and visual context is transformed and adapted to contemporary reality. The most important message SADAK wants to communicate is: pride in individuality . This collection, like pervious is conceptual, play of shapes, garments and after all, traditional.

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