Sandro Marzo - S/S 2016

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The Italian-born and Switzerland based designer, Sandro Marzo, is focusing on the particularity of traditional textiles and the re-invention of classical men's wear. Cuts and silhouettes are determined by the specific textures of the used materials. This process is not to be seen as a mere minimization, a historical study of materials, but as a continuous development encouraged by chosen thematical concepts.
The Spring/Summer 2016 collection explores Marzo's long-standing fascination with natural patterns and the artificial reproduction of such. The most eye catching is the branching veins of marble stone, which were adapted and counteracted by technical embroidery. This interplay between the ever existing and the human reproduction of it continues throughout the whole set of pieces. Its narrative bipolarity can also be found in the bold combination of leather and nylon, matt and shiny surfaces and the aesthetical citation of technical drawings and graphic forms. The fabrics of Marzo’s sixth collection thereby give homage to his departed father, a professional paver and stonemason, who first introduced him to the relationship of nativeness and artificiality.

Reference: Sandro Marzo, NJaL


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