Jaime Russon - "A Levitated Fashion" collection

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Jaime Russon is a new breed of fashion designer, known as a hybrid or a new materiologist her fashion design is acknowledged for its explorative three-dimensionality and innovative interactive silhouettes. Jaime debuted at her BA graduate collection titled 'Packing for a traveller' from Birmingham City University at London Graduate Fashion Week in 2009 gaining notoriety from leading press and blogger’s named favourite designer by the GFW press team. She has interned as a design assistant at Merc and has assisted in the studios of leading London designers Giles Deacon, Henry Holland and Gareth Pugh in preparation of their London and Paris Fashion Week catwalk shows and Fashion Film presentations.
"A Levitated Fashion" is name of Russon's latest collection. She said that her "aim was to explore leviation and magnets within our garments which in time could provide more comfort for the wearer through anti-gravity clothes. In time this could reduce friction and turn natures stickiness into repulsion, creating the ultimate remedy and questioning the multiple possibilities of how to give our clothes full spacial autonomy and a new form of beauty in the 21st Century."

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