ODEUR - "Facade" A/W 2014

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For A/W 2014, ODEUR explores the proportions of wardrobes. The collection is comprised of a careful selection of armoire staples. Lush cashmere tanks, silky shirts, oversized tees and long blazers are paired with futuristic sleek bombers and detachable front zipped jackets. All styles are featured in muted colours, shades of grey, black, charcoal, lightly infused with dashes of white.

"At times, the exterior prevails over the interior. We dress by covering our anatomy, thusly shielding ourselves from society. Protected and pensive, we act as monarchs to all we survey. Individualism gives us a platform to express what we mean, feel and see. By choosing our daily uniforms, we define who we are, therefore embracing our façades."

References: Odeur


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