Byungmun Seo - "Paradox of non-existent existence" - Spring/Summer 2014

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Story behind Byungmun Seo's new collection is saying that many creations and ideas are limited and not able to fully develop due to society and is predetermined by the notion of convenience for capitalism and materialism. Also human mind is seeing and believing only what they wanna see and believe, therefor everything else that doesn't fit their description is being ignored and considered as non-existent. But here we come to point of Byungmun Seo Spring/Summer 2014 collection where designer explains:

"This paradox can be resolved by the fusion of the unexpected and inexistent aspect of objects and manifests in a resistance against the traditional and existing perspective of objects.We contemplated this paradox to create new beauty of existing object resisting preconceived idea and traditional perspective and, to envision new image of nonexistent objects with deviant perspective of them.And we pursue the imagery into construction of garment and contrast of fabrics to create new beauty giving them a new meaning and freedom of their perception."

References: Byungmun Seo



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