Rick Owens - A/W 2014-15 - Womenswear

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After male collection for A/W 2014-15 Rick Owens presented female line that has strong connection with male one. It's like closing the circle of his own world. For this show Rick choose his close relatives to walk on catwalk wearing his creations. How Mr. Owens explained - those were the women who have played a part in his live over the years... as friends, as employees, as models. Owens underlined a sense of continuity by having them walk more than once in the show wearing the same outfit. Confusing for the audience, until they grasped that this was a real circle of real lives.
Whole collection has strong connection with nature, family and unity all together gathered from all previous Rick Owens's work.

"Try and enjoy the serene benevolence of presenting a story of love."

References: Style.com


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