Alicia Hannah Naomi - S/S 2015

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Melbourne based designer, Alicia Hannah Naomi incorporates precious materials into organic pieces that exemplify both simplicity and austerity in a way that encapsulates the true essence of the wabi-sabi aesthetic. She creates contemporary jewellery that harnesses the savageness of beauty.
In response to corporeal relationships and visceral sensuality, the 2015 collection features raw textures with a primal tactility. The desire for human contact is communicated through sculpted surface treatments and undulation that culminates in sharp detail. Interlocking elements delineate our common need for intimacy, while the shadowy blackening of the precious metals amplify the brutality associated with lust. Manufactured in Melbourne from sterling silver, precious gems and volcanic rock; the works allegorise the carnal connection of lovers.

References: Alicia Hannah Naomi


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