NILøS - 002nd collection

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NILøS [Non Ism Line øf Self] expands the JULIUS, the new label of limited company Third Stone.
The situation or border line of no ideology on the concept of self Ø = A symbol that represents a mathematical “empty set“; “Ø” in NILøS signifies the only originality; the most pure individual intention, a state where all thoughts and doctrines are nullified. No-ism, no-ideology. The natural individual. Respect symbolised by “Ø“.
This season they will feature the 2015 release, avant-garde album {DIVIDED / ENA}. Ryan Quinlivan, graphic artist, has provided his vision through a set of images for this album, including a new industrial and earthy main graphic.
Fashion, music, and the axis of the product to be configured in the culture, to express the uncategorizable genre.

Photography: by Hiroki Wada
Styling: by Masahiro Hiramatsu
Hair & Make-up: by Shutaro

Source: Julius.Society, Fashion-Press


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