Indice Studio - Project 01 / Subliminal

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Indice Studio was founded in 2013 as a multicultural-interdisciplinary art & design platform. As opposed to one single aestheticism, interdisciplinary art & design is a format of art creation. As its literal meaning, interdisciplinary art, like a reservoir, uses multi-media and multi-genres including photography, clothing, music, literature, painting, architecture, sculpture, performance, and cinema

Project 01 - Subliminal is viewed as human mind with the capacity to access every piece of information stored in its conscious and subconscious.

Subconscious beneath, Conscious above.

The flexible variation of darts elaborates the subconscious mind, forming a languid and relaxed silhouette.The texture possess an intangible historical sense, while the colour palette presents a clean and unpretentious aesthetic. Emphasis is laid on details, and tailoring, illuminating the essence of clothing.

Photographer : Kan Han Li
Make Up : Fiona Li

Reference: Indice Studio


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