Brian Lane - “Mr. Self-Destruct” A/W 2014

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Brian Lane is a gifted designer who has a strong connection to expression. The multifaceted arena that is his life is portrayed through any material placed within his hands. Southern born and raised, his goal to become a well-respected human being is what pushed him through to become a staple in American fashion.
Graduating with a bachelors degree from Parsons: The New School of Design, with A major in Fashion Design, and Art/Design Studies, He continually dedicates himself to create for the loyal individuals, that represent “Brian Lane”.
Collection for Autumn/Winter 2014 under name “Mr. Self-Destruct”  was inspired by the Nine Inch Nails song. Each garment is embellished with textures that act as both a subtle but powerful conceptualization of internal struggle.  “Their [Nine Inch Nails'] ability to produce texture through noise is indescribable, that is my desire.  I want to create something that is hard to describe with words” said Lane.
Brian Lane represents a focus on a discreet, but very powerful individual, shown through fabric, mood, manipulation, gratification, color, shade, form, self-sacrificing  dedication and belief of artistic expression.
“I have a huge dedication to create concepts that stay true to “my guy”, continually create a intriguing mystery that is his life.”

References: Brian Lane, Deux Hommes


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