UMASAN - S/S 2015

UMASAN creates avant-garde ‘feel-good’ fashion with innovative fabrics and sophisticated Japanese cutting technique. UMASAN is creating a brave new world combining high end taste with the latest innovation regarding the longevity of planet earth and its inhabitants.
For S/S 2015 vegan brand UMASAN explained:
"Character (greek: kharakter, a making instrument) was originally a distinctive mark impressed, engraved or otherwise formed.  The word later generally came to mean an enduring imprint or the peculiar, persistent nature of something, evident in all its individual expressions and impressions, and distinguishing it from everything else. But above all the word is used as a description of the peculiarity of a willing being, as becomes apparent in its actions.  The UMASAN SS 2015 Collection searches and strengthens the relationship of the individual to his inner world, and dedicated to her, where we ourselves refuse any form of dogmatism.”

References: Deux Hommes mag, The vocal vixen and  NJAL


  1. Yes, I've seen on your blog report from Berlin Fashion Week and I love it! I envy you a bit! :) And when talking about UMASAN, each collection is getting better and better. From SS15 there I some pieces I would really like to have!