AYA (Anna Yates-Housley) - "Claustrophobia" collection

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Anna Yates-Housley is a womenswear designer based in London with an inventive, mature approach to design.  Her philosophy and central approach to design is formed by challenging standard perceptions of everyday objects and visuals. Anna’s organic and tactile interactions with the world greatly influence the ways in which she manipulates original form or meaning into desirable fully functioning garments.
The inspiration behind Anna’s debut collection was based on the anxiety disorder, Claustrophobia. The concept challenges classic views of clothing and replaces these perceptions with new, stimulating yet fully functioning clothes. The collection works in oversized, elongated and multi functional layers building up around the body with a heavy focus on outerwear. The muse for the collection was nineties model Eve Salvail. The collection set about to make a statement of bald been beautiful and powerful creating layered clothing captivating the body.

References: Anna Yates-Housley



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