TECH NOIR | Cyanotic

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Lately, I was going back to my 'roots' and the playlist was mainly industrial/ebm based. Since I am always open to new ideas and sounds, I am constantly in search of what is new in nearly every aspect of art and whatnot. That is how I discovered Cyanotic and songs like "Survival Instincts" and "Neo-Tokyo Skylines" (my fave) got on my playlist and stayed stuck on the repeat.

Since forming in 2002, Cyanotic has been producing their own "hybrid of angry robot music" and creating a name that is nowadays well known in the industrial scene. 

The newest album “Tech Noir” is the ninth studio release (released September 27) under Glitch Mode Recordings. The main producer and Science Fiction superfan, Sean Payne, has been the only constant member of the Band, and continues the nearly 15 year course of progress, offering a loving tribute to classic and current cyberpunk/industrial music culture. This album is also a nod to the film genre of the same name and the nightclub featured in The Terminator.

“Tech Noir” is a true gem in industrial music genre with occasional shifts into heavy synths and cybernated noises. It is also mixture of old and new school sounds, showing that Cyanotic has evolved and expand their horizons.

So, if you still haven't listen to these badass heavy-hitting cyberpunk sounds you better click on the link below:


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