Gareth Pugh - S/S 2017

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Just a night before his show in London, the opera Eliogabalo opened at the Palais Garnier, in Paris, with 60 costumes designed by Pugh. The story follows a child of emperor in imperial Rome, who proclaims himself as a sun god and is ultimately overthrown.
"The opera is essentially about an empire eating itself – so it feels alarmingly relevant," said Pugh.
This British designer used the sun-themed opera as a main inspiration for his S/S 2017 collection.
The sun became a key motif for the garments, formed using golden disks and rays made up of faceted triangles.
"In one way the sun is a symbol of creation and warmth – an explosion of power and life – but it can also represent tyrannical power and destruction," Pugh said.
From opera to fashion show, Pugh once more showed that everything he does, he does best.

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