rewords/rewordsdesign - "echo(es)" F/W 2016 | Interview

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Recently Japanese brand rewords/rewordsdesign presented their F/W 2016 collection entitled "echo(es)." Also, they presented brand's first handmade shoes.
On that occasion I had the opportunity to have a small chit-chat with Yosuke Watanabe, designer of the brand and to find out what is their story.

rewords/rewordsdesign is generally a new name on the market, but it already gets a lot of attention... how did you choose to start your own brand?
        Before creating own name, I worked for a Japanese brand eight years. There I learned the basics of manufacturing, planning, and development. But unfortunately, after the earthquake of 2011, for the area of production and artisans (as any other) situation was not exactly the brightest. It was chaotic and many have stopped working. The feeling was very unpleasant.
Hence the idea of what to do and how to improve things. And also very important... stay true to yourself, and not give up. That's why I decided to create 'rewords'.

Each of your collection carries certain message... from where you get the most inspiration?
        It's hard for me to say that it is a single specific thing, when it is not. Essentially the inspiration are the people who I respect, or those with whom I communicate on daily basis, as well as everything else that surrounds me. Every day is a story for itself and a multitude of ideas.

It's been around two weeks since the presentation of your fourth collection for FW16 entitled "Echo(es)." What is the story behind of it?
        It is about a reflection of sound waves that are gathering the information from everywhere around... It's about listening the voices of others = Echo; subconsciously protected by an outer shell = (es).
The theme of FW 2016 collection is a metaphor; a simple contrast of two things.
Main focus is directly on the originality of the material and its patterns, as well as further development of bold cuts, shapes and design in general.

And last... what next we can expect from rewords/rewordsdesign?
        Our name suits our logic. The "rewords" consists of "Re:words"; which means to rephrase, reshape, reconstruct, change the meaning... We would like to continue making a product in the meaning of the word and to represent how things look from another perspective.

For more collection images visit rewords/rewordsdesign website.


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