Gareth Pugh - A/W 2015

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Who? Gareth Pugh;
Where? London Fashion Week;
What? Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear collection presentation;
Known for his dark and dramatic fashion, Gareth Pugh celebrates a milestone decade of his work, as well as his return to London, city where it all began. The show opened with an artsy film presentation by Ruth Hogben and continues with strong and breathtaking Crusade alike warriors walking down the catwalk. Voluminous long skirts as well as oversized puffy coats, combination of leather and fur, PVC alike stiff boots, authentic collars and hats... all combines with Saint George’s cross painted over face. End of the show was very powerful - individual walking with bare chest with the cross over it, waving huge red flag. Red for love, red for war, red for England.

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