Pirosmani by Jenya Malygina - "Magus" A/W 2012-13


Pirosmani is one of the most striking and enigmatic brand of St. Petersburg. Style of Pirosmani is complex of asymmetrical shapes, graceful draperies, free cuts from Eastern Europe. Eugene Malygina, director and designer of fashion house Pirosmani, graduated at the St. Petersburg Art and Industrial Academy. While still a student, Eugene receives an invitation from the Moscow Fashion Week show for her debut collection. After graduating, she began to work on regular collections. Since 2004, fashion house Pirosmani regularly demonstrates seasonal collections of fashion week in St. Petersburg, as well as the Russian Fashion Week.

Hat, boots, dresses, coats... "Magus" is name of new collection for A/W 2012-13 inspired by the classic of John Fowles. By renouncing the color and mixing different shades of gray (gray sand, asphalt-gray, dirty-gray, gray, and bog-muted gray) designer focuses on the complex interaction of the architectonics cut and texture. From the constant mixing of multiple components of sensory perception: a thin, slightly rough silk, smooth and cool skin, soft "details" are not really visualy presented, so whole concept is giving mystical and phantom touch.

References: Pirosmani, Depesha