Anja Demuth - “CHIMERA” collection

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German fashion designer, Anja Demuth, is young name in the world of fashion but alredy showing her great skills. Upon graduation she set her goal in creating unique and wearable art. Strong in concept and skilled in experimental material machining she applies herself to her projects. There she gives full scope to her creativity whenever possible and draws inspiration especially from her surroundings. She enjoys to experiment with different shapes, colors and materials and the possibilities to combine them.

Here is a short presentation of collection entitled "CHIMERA."
"Human ears raised on backs of mice, pig hearts beating in human bodies, super resistant crops which cannot be harmed by vermin – things that have been utopian until some years ago are reality nowadays. This progress is imputable to transgenic research. But is it all as good as it sounds? A huge problem regarding transgenic research is the strong privatisation in this area. Independent researchers say that almost 95% of researchers that carry out transgenic research are financed by companies. The collection “CHIMERA” shall draw attention to exactly these grievances. It shall bring the risks of transgenic research to mind and point out the issues regarding privatisation in this field of research."

Source: Anja Demuth
Photography: Karine + Oliver
Hair + Make-up: Karin Welter 
Model: Chantal @ Scout Model, Zürich


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