I have been writing about Ukrainian brand KOFTA for years. So many great stories, so many different ones. From the extreme to the extreme. However, his unique designs are always inspiring.

The story of Fall/Winter 2018 collection is in touch with nature.

"Light is the Creator. It is evident in all organic life. Spiritual harmony endows with ability to receive light. To realize the quality of nobleness. All that is filled with light strive to the maximum possible realization of true nature, to it’s existential ecstatic bloom as the apogee of a life cycle."

Visit of the Dalí exhibition in Nantes

Another one in a series of French posts. Art yes, fashion no. Anyway, it is about the recently finished exceptional exhibition by Salvador Dalí (December 26 - March 31). At La Rosière D'Artois in Nantes, there was more than 300 works shown. As a admirer of his work, of course, I could not miss it.

The works presented as part of the exhibition Dalí in Nantes are from a private collection, usually presented at Espace Dalí in Paris. They were perfectly highlighted in the different rooms of the stunning 3-floor venue. Among the paintings there were many ink drawings and watercolous that shows Dalí' work and inspiration from different period.

I don't intend to make this post a never-ending story, but I have to mention what truly caught my eye. No more, no less... the sculptures. There were dozens of them, different sizes, different styles (equally twisted), divided between the different rooms. Personal favorite is  Femme à la tête de roses (Woman with head of roses) and Rhinoceros habillé de dentelles (Rhinoceros dressed in lace).

The overall impression is that I am delighted to have had a chance to visit an exhibition that took me on a journey to another time and space.


I have been writing about CIVILIZED for years... but I have to say that collection for upcoming F/W 2018 is for sure my favorite. So much improvement, so much focus on details and functionality, different materials and styles that are easily combined for every day wear. So much great change in Japanese label. But, apart from all that, there is one more vivid alike change and that is 'deviation' from their trademark - monochrome photography.

All in all, check it yourself. 

DZHUS - "Archaea" S/S 2018

Irina Dzhus is back with new collection entitled “ARCHAEA”.  The Spring/Summer 2018 collection tells us the story of the designer’s secret passion: palaeontology.

The SS18 collection is conceptual cut of the multifunctional transformer garments that pays honour to fossils of ammonites and trilobites, evolution of charnia and arthropleura, long-gone Carbon and Ordovician.
These zoomorphic silhouettes and geologic textures of the “Archaea” collection are combined with the scientific avant-garde of late 19th – early 20th centuries, appealing to the Victorian aesthetics as well as laboratory uniforms.

DZHUS’ newest collection features a variety of edgy yet exquisite textiles and finishes, accentuating the technological background of their design.